Iā€™m a front end engineer.

I love building things for the web with react and laravel.

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I write code, try to design, & drink way too much iced coffee.

I went from working in my family's direct mail business to falling in love with web development, thanks to a coding bootcamp.

My wife and our three boys recently moved to Idaho, although I'm still a die-hard Seattle sports fan.

I enjoy listening to guilty pleasure music, camping, and golfing.

Iced CoffeeIced CoffeeIced Coffee
Old Computer

Where I've Worked

Old Computer

Alkymi.ioFrontend Engineer

Led a cross-stack team through full project cycles, from inception to release, while developing web app components using React, TypeScript, and REST APIs. Additionally, transitioned the codebase to TypeScript and integrated React Testing Library into our testing suite.


A founding member of a SaaS platform dedicated to supporting developer career growth and team collaboration, I led the development of the application's frontend using Next.js, while also establishing front-end development guidelines and best practices.

Howard SchultzFrontend Developer

Developed a marketing website utilizing a headless CMS and Next.js, alongside contributing to a custom built campaign canvassing app for volunteers in support of a presidential run during the 2020 election.

NBATeam Sites Developer

Contributed to NBA team's websites by building custom headless WordPress Blocks for content editors, enhancing functionality with React and PHP. Implemented React Testing Library for efficient testing of WordPress blocks within the repository.

Tirebuyer.comFrontend Developer

Added value to the e-commerce platform by implementing Jest for unit testing and converting design mockups into functional frontend UI for both mobile and desktop using HTML/CSS/JavaScript.

Iced CoffeeIced CoffeeIced Coffee
Floppy Disk

Side Projects

Floppy Disk

What If Crypto?


Crypto calculator that shows how much a crypto investment on a previous date would be worth today

Construction Hat

Rebuild In Progress...

Wordle Helps


A web app that helps you solve Wordle puzzles. Gives possible answers based on the letters you've already guessed.