Hello, I'm Kyle.
I'm a front end developer.

Utilizing modern JavaScript to build responsive web apps and features to boost business growth and improve UX.

Most recently I was a founding member of a SaaS app to help developers grow in their career.

Stuff I've Worked On

Co-founder at Botany

Team Dashboard at Botany

Front End Engineer at Howard Schultz

Custom Campaign Map at Howard Schultz

Gatsby.jsNetlify CMSReact-leaflet
Front End Developer at Tirebuyer

Jest Snapshot Testing at Tirebuyer


Tools I've Used

Recent Posts

June 4, 2019

Real World Use Case for Renaming Destructed Properties

You hear about a new javascript feature, and how it will help you be more productive or write cleaner code. You're pumped. You go to the docs to figure out how to implement it and come across a var foo = bar example. Then you google something like real world example of ... or at least that is my usual workflow. I knew that you could assign new variable names to destructed objects. I read…

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