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Adding to my Gatsby Site

1 minute read | How To's


A couple of cool new products were announced at the first JAMStack Conference in NYC this week. One of which was Gatsby support and Instant Previews from

I had been looking for a solution to add to my personal Gatsby site to make writing blog posts simpler. Previously, I would create new folders, and markdown files in my repo and go from there. This was fine, but I felt it could be streamlined.

Walking through the Forestry set up was super simple. Create an account, choose your static site generator, link a git provider, and select a repo. From there you are on the admin page for your site, and you go through a walk through of some configuration.

The first step is to setup your sidebar with some sections. This will be content that you have access to edit within Forestry. I created a section called Posts which was a directory type. Within that you set a file path where the content you want to edit lives and where new content of this type will go. After this configuration set up, my previous blog posts were available in the sidebar to view and edit.

Clicking on a current blog post and viewing in the web editor felt amazing. In a matter of 5 minutes, all my blog posts, and the ability to create and edit new posts.

The awesome part about all of this is the power of markdown and front matter. Opening up a current post, you can then generate a template from that to use on any new post.

I am excited to continue to use Forestry, and dive deeper into other features like it's page builder.