About Kyle Richardson

An always learning, career changing, front end developer.

After high school, my goal was to take over the family's direct mail marketing business. I spent 8 years there full time, wearing many different hats. In the beginning, I mostly worked in production, or making devlieries. As time went on, I transitioned into a more sales and customer management role.

During this time I also started working on revamping our website. This was my first introduction to HTML and CSS while working in a Wordpress instance. I noticed quickly that my days where I would focus on this work went by really fast. I tried the self taught courses, but always would loose momentum.

I started researching coding bootcamps, to fix the loosing momentum issue I was facing. In early 2017, I decided to leave the family business and go to General Assembly's 3 month immersive bootcamp, focusing on front end development. The rest is history.

Picture of my family